District  Administrator E-Mail Phone #
 District 1  John Pakledinaz  [email protected]  
 District 2  Bruce Scheck  [email protected]  269-762-2172
 District 3  Pam Bildner  [email protected]  
 District 4  Steve Fogle  [email protected]  
 District 5  Barney Sprague  [email protected]  313-525-1629
 District 6  Bill Crandall  [email protected]  
 District 7  Mark Davidson  [email protected]  
 District 8  Dorine Britton  [email protected]  
 District 9  John Edgerle  [email protected]  616-293-2266
 District 10  Don Howes  [email protected]  
 District 11  Mark Pantti  [email protected]  
 District 12  Brian Chesebro  [email protected]  
 District 13  Dave Haselhuhn  [email protected]  989-306-1868
 District 14  Kathleen Ranck [email protected]  
 District 15  Joanne Willson  [email protected]  
 District 16  Larry Fix  [email protected]  

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